Two-way journey with 30min waiting time

Do you have some quick errands to run for example in a super market or city centre? Would you like the taxi to wait? You can get an offer for a two-way ride with a 25% discount of the return journey and no additional base fee for the return journey. Waiting time under 30min will not be charged. 

By agreeing on additional waiting time by phone during this waiting time the extra waiting fee is 50c/min. Extra waiting time can not always be guaranteed. Thus it is advisable to make sure there is a chance for extra waiting time in advance if you think that 30min might not be enough. Payment takes place at the end of outward journey. Extra waiting charge will be paid at the end of return journey. The minimum charge for two-way offer is 10 € even if the ride is short. Unless otherwise agreed, driver is free to spend the waiting time as he wishes. Thus if you know that you won't need the full half an hour and you don't want to wait yourself, inform the driver about that.