Pirkkala Taxi

Book in advance reliable and affordable taxi services to Tampere-Pirkkala airport and other destinations.

Pirkkala Taxi

Airport journeys

Reduce the traveling stress by booking the ride in advance. It's nice to know that you have a taxi on time, price already agreed on and the return journey already booked. By planning ahead you also save! 

By booking the return journey already with the outward journey, you get a 15% discount on the return journey.

Plan ahead and save

Book in advance

By booking the taxi at least 2 days in advance, you get a 10% discount.

Return journey

If you book the taxi also for the return journey, you get at least 15% discount on the return journey.


Price is based on agreement. Price level can be estimated in the following way: 


- Base fee: 5,00€
- Kilometer price: 1,50€/km
- Waiting time max. 1,00€/min
Note! Waiting time will only be charged, if the return journey is delayed more than agreed in advance (e.g. 30min).

Taxi with a covered trailer*

- Base fee 20,00€
- Kilometer price: 2,00€/km
- Waiting time max. 1,00€/min
* The driver can help you with carrying

Payment methods

- Cash
- Most credit cards accepted

Ask for an offer

- Two-way journeys with half an hour waiting time
Regular or long journeys
- Transports with covered trailer

Ask for an offer

Do you have quick errands to run? Would you like the taxi to wait? You can get an offer for a two-way journey with 25% discount and no additional base fee for the return journey. Waiting time under 30min will not be charged.  

Read more about the two-way offer...

Why use Pirkkala Taxi?


When price has been agreed on in advance, there are no surprises.


By planning ahead you save money and your nerves as well.


Our prices are always fair, but by planning ahead you save more.


Our operating times are flexible. Mostly we drive at day time. It is however possible to book a ride e.g. to the airport at any time.


Licensed taxi services mostly in Tampere area. The car is VW Passat stw, with room for 4 passengers.

Small cargo transport

Transport with a covered trailer. The driver can help you with carrying.


We want to offer flexible service and thus other tasks than transport are also possible.